Steal your data: There’s an App for that?

Get rid of these apps, unless you want your data stolen.


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Link to Icon Change in Napkee

I recently visited the GetSatisfaction site, and I found a post regarding that a link to icon change should be in place for Napkee, so I decided to work on it. Hope you like it.

Link to Icon Change.bmml
Download this file

Here is a video of it in action, as well as the mockup – Will add tonight



, ,

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Review of Nitro PDF Pro 9

Finally it is here, my review of Nitro PDF Pro 9.  Sorry for taking so long folks, but I have had other things keeping me busy.  Rather than getting into that, how about I post this long overdue review.

Nitro 9 Banner


The following review is meant to educate and inform users of the newest installment to the Nitro family, while being unbiased and fair, to provide some results of my testing, and to ensure users of all kinds can enjoy PDFs again.


Nitro PDF Pro 9 is a desktop publisher with the ability to quickly convert, edit, and annotate PDFs without bogging down your computer with proprietary plugins and bloating the interface with unused features.  Nitro 9 improves upon its predecessor in three ways (better performance, smarter features, and smaller file sizes).

Preferred user = Novice (users who want a quick solution to PDF conversion without all the extras)

How I use Nitro 9

I use it whenever I need to save a document quickly or if I find something on the internet that has multiple pages and printing once doesn’t do the job.  I also use it to demonstrate how to use a program by providing a clickable mockup with Balsamiq Mockups.

Nitro Clickable Mockup

Demonstration of clickable mockup used in Nitro PDF Pro 9


Smart Alignment

Introduced in version, Smart Alignment is a wonderful feature that aides in the task of creating neatly aligned objects, by allowing users to visualize the spacing between various elements, such as form fields, type text, and shapes.  This is an integral part of Nitro, because it eliminates the need for a predefined grid and allows users to dynamically align objects.

Append to PDF

Append to PDF is a handy feature that provides users with an easy way to append (add to) their current pdf without save as.  The feature is located in the save dialog box and gives the user the option of whether to append to beginning or the end of the document.  I use the append to end because it just makes more sense to me.  The main reason why this feature is helpful is because it automates the task of adding saving multiple pages separately, then appending them at a later time.


Pro 1: Fast Conversion to Excel and Word

Conversion to Excel and Word, are by far the most important feature, because, even if you don’t have Nitro, a friend can quickly convert a PDF into Excel or Word and send it to you.  Otherwise, you will have to manually convert the PDF to Excel or Word, which can be time consuming.  I suppose you could find a macro to automate this task, but Nitro makes it easy and fun to get things done.  Sorry for the pun.

Pro 2: Fill in forms with ease

Form filling is one of the most sought out features in any PDF editing program, in my opinion.  The reason for this is users are allowed to seamlessly fill out forms and send them to clients, without having to recreate those input fields again.  They are allowed to reuse the form as a template and edit that template as they see fit.

Pro 3: Redaction

Redaction, is basically for users who don’t want sensitive information to be viewed by the wrong people.  Redacting text, means highlighting (in black marker), a portion, or multiple portions of a document and making those changes permanent.

Pro 4: Zero Learning Curve

Zero learning curve, means that to use Nitro, you don’t need to be a developer or even familiar with Adobe.  All you need is a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the interface and the rest is very simple.  No hoops to jump through, or sophisticated programming needed.  What makes Nitro so easy to learn, is that (starting in version 9) the interface has been updated to look like Office 2013.

Pro 5: Comments are easy to migrate, hide/show, and customizable

Let’s face it, comments are a valuable part of any document you collaborate on, but sometimes things happen that are out of your control.  Say, for instance, your computer stops working and you have to migrate to another one.  Nitro makes this dead simple by integrating a very useful comment migration system.  You can simply save your comments as a backup file, so that when you do run your new computer, or even a friends computer, you can import them and continue working on your collaboration efforts.


Con 1: Smart Alignment doesn’t work with non-text fields

Smart alignment should be for ALL controls, not just text.

Con 2: Some unsupported features don’t work

When in the properties window, named actions actually is unsupported.  I have never seen this in a full version program of any kind.  Sorry for the outdated version of the screenshot, but it is all I had.

Nitro 9 Unsupported Nitro 9 Unsupported pt 2

Con 3: There should be an easier way to change the page size.

Maybe it’s just me, but is there an easier way to change the page size, because I feel like it is adding more work if I want to change the page layout.

Con 4: Auto size for controls with text should be implemented.

I would love to see auto size be implemented in a future release.  I find myself having to waste time resizing controls, when a simple solution would be to automatically resize controls based on their length.

Overall Rating

Nitro 9 Rating

Overall, I give this product a rating of 4/5 stars because it gets the job done in a timely fashion, anybody can use it and not feel inferior.  However, for power users such as myself, there are some things that slow down the workflow, due to less than stellar interface issues.  I love the product though, and I look forward to using it for many years to come.

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Keyboard shortcuts for ios 6 and 7 (Newest)

Ios keyboard shortcuts to merge
Great shortcuts for ios 6 and 7
Update – Added A-Z list of shortcuts

Delimiter is space comma space, select text you want, then paste into Excel or Numbers (it will automatically separate the shortcut from the phrase (desktop versions only)

In fact, lets make this even easier to reproduce (phrase = , ) (shortcut = ,,)

Now if you want to create this delimiter more quickly on ios, just follow the Tip above

Shortcut , Phrase
Annotations for mail without quote levels

anno-,> + ql for quotelevel
anno-ql,<---Increase QuoteLevel

Apple Commands


B – None
Textastic Code Shortcuts

cc, {

rel=”stylesheet” href=”github.css” type=”text/css” />

Dummy Text for placeholders

Dt-, 1=title 2=body 3=text
Dt-1, DummyTitle
Dt-2, DummyBody
Dt-3, DummyText

E – None
Folder related testing

fd, Folder
fdr, TestFolder

G – None

h1, # Heading1
hh, ## Heading2
hhh, ### Heading3
hhhh, #### Heading4
hhhhh, ##### Heading5
hhhhhh, ###### Heading6
hhhhhhh, ####### Heading7
hhhhhhhh, ######## Heading8

Horizontal Rules

hr, -------------------------------
hra, > + m for apple mail width
hram, -------------------------------------------------------
hrt, > + c to make textcaster width
hrte, > + x for Textexpander form
hrtex, ---------------------------
hrw, > + p for wordpress width
hrwp, ---------------------------------------------

Idea List

i1, Idea1 :
ii, Idea2 :
iii, Idea3 :
iiii, Idea4 :

Image Related annotations

imgd, *Image Description*

Email Shortcuts

jjj, someone

K – None
L – None
M – None

nn, - None

O – None
Digits Calculator Notes

pnd, *PENDING*

Prototyping on Paper App prefix

ppt, [POP] AppName

q1, First
qq, Second
qqq, Third
qqqq, Fourth
qqqqq, Fifth
qqqqqq, Sixth
qqqqqqq, Seventh

R – None
Steps and Step references

s1, Step 1 :
s1-, in Step 1
ss, Step 2 :
ss-, in Step 2
sss, Step 3 :
sss-, in Step 3
ssss, Step 4 :
ssss-, in Step 4
sssss, Step 5 :
sssss-, in Step 5
str-, Steps to Reproduce

Ticket Footer

tc, 1=# 2=sent 3= recieve tc1, Ticket#
tc2, Sent by mail : ddate
tc3, Acknowledged on :

TODO Annotation

td, TODO <---

Code Examples
test, > + md for markdown

testmd, # Headings # Heading1 ## Heading2 ### Heading3 #### Heading4 ##### Heading5 ###### Heading6 ———————— # Lists ## Ordered 1. ## Unordered – ## Checkbox – [ ] Unchecked – [.] Indeterminate – [X] Checked # Inserts ## Link URL name ## Table | TableHeading | | ———— | | Row1 | | Row2 | [table] ## Blockquote Quote ## Line ———————— ## Footnote  ## Quote Levels > QuoteLevel1 > > QuoteLevel2 > > > > QuoteLevel3 > > > > > > QuoteLevel4

Stock Symbols

tgt, Target


TRC- = Target RedCard
TMD- = TM discount
tgtc, TRC-
tgtd, TMD -
tgtp, TRC- *PENDING*

Skitch Document prefixes (App Specific)

Textexpander prefixes
txt-1, Textexpander UI
txt-2, Textexpander [Bug]
txt-3, Textexpander Idea

Common email phrases

tyf, If you need more info, don't hesitate to reply directly.
tyk, Thanks, keep me posted
tyr, Thank you for your fast response.

U – None
Version Documentation

vt, Version Tested :
vt1, 1.
vt2, 0.0


Calendar schedule shortcut

wr, Work

Bug Report Solution

wra-, Workaround :

Skitch Document prefixes (App Specific)
Wisdom Writer prefixes

wsd-1, Wisdom Writer UI
wsd-2, Wisdom Writer [Bug]
wsd-3, Wisdom Writer [Feature Request]

Accuweather Forecast prefix

wth, [Forecast]

X – None

Y – None

Z – None


Textexpander Syntax
Use these to manually create macros without the text menu slowing you down
Fill-in fields
-tf, %filltext:name=Name%
-tfm, %fillarea:name=area 1%

Email Subject prefixes
??, [Question]
???, [Bug]

Common Developer questions
??beta, I was wondering if I can beta test this app.
??bug, I was wondering if you are aware of the following bug.
??eta, Just wondering when the next build is planned
??rusd, I was wondering if you are still developing this app.

.., 1.(=) 2. (:) 3. (-) 4. (,)
..1, =
..2, :
..3, -
..4, ,

To get the nice horizontal rules I used for this post add these to your list

Phrase = ——————————————— , Short = hrwp

Stay tuned, because I also have a nice tip on how to provide hints to your shortcuts This is done

These save me so much time.


    Create shortcuts for all BMML controls

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Creating hints for your keyboard shortcuts in ios 6 (NEW)

This is in markdown format for the time being, but I will update it when I can

# Testing Horizontal Rules

1\. Create a basic horizontal rule

2\. The horizontal rule should be 3 dashes in length `—`

3\. Copy the above dashes and enter settings > general > keyboard > shortcuts tap on the plus icon

4\. Paste text from Step 2 into the Phrase field

5\. Tap on Shortcut field and type `hr`

6\. Repeat steps 1-3, except in Step 2 you are going to want `> + [append] for [appname] width` 

– where

– `[append]` is the character to add in order to use a specific shortcut that has the same first two characters followed by an added character to symbolize an app abbreviation for simplicity.
– `[appname]` is the shortname of the app that uses this specific shortcut (usually just one word and lowercase). 

# List of apps, initial shorts, hints, and appended characters in the hint

Note–All these are extensions of the initial `hr` short we made earlier in Step 1 through Step 3

| [appname] | initial short | hint | [append] |
| :———-: | :——: | —————— | —— |
| TextCaster | hr | \> + c for textcaster width | c |
| WordPress | hr | \> + p for wordpress width | p |


If you want to see this post in its original format, try

    Nebulous Notes
    Wisdom Writer


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Shortcuts for ios 6 (NEW)

Great shortcuts for ios 6
Delimiter is space comma space, select text you want, then paste into Excel or Numbers (it will automatically separate the shortcut from the phrase (desktop versions only)
In fact, lets make this even easier to reproduce (phrase = , ) (shortcut = ,,)
Now if you want to create this delimiter more quickly on ios, just follow the Tip above

Phrase , Shortcut
[Question] , ??
[Bug] , ???
[Feature Request] , ftr
Step 1 , s1
Step 2 , ss
Step 3 , sss
Step 4 , ssss
Step 5 , sssss
End Result , endr , //fb , //twi , //wp

To get the nice horizontal rules I used for this post add these to your list

Phrase = ——————————————— , Short = hrwp

Stay tuned, because I also have a nice tip on how to provide hints to your shortcuts
These save me so much time.


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Renovations are fun I guess (Going Offline temporarily)

Ever since Posterous told me to backup my blogs, I have been scrambling to find a simple way to manage my WordPress blog and do some renovations (or house cleaning). I have come up with some ideas to consolidate those former Posterous blogs into 1 or 2 meaningful categories/sub pages, but I have to take some time to do so. That being said, I will probably not update as often as I used to until this is all figured out, but here are some stats to show you how I will categorize them by order of importance.

My Posterous Spaces

What’s Left of Them

Over 8,000 Views

Mockups by Jon

5 Followers, 84 Posts, 101786 Views

Obviously my most successful and active blog, this is definitely not going anywhere and look forward to a bunch of new posts in the future. Mockups are my passion and I am very grateful to have come across this hobby, so thank you in advance for all of your views in the future.

Knowledge is Power

3 Followers, 45 Posts, 8451 Views

This one is a bit tricky to decide whether or not to combine with another blog, or to just provide links to all Getsatisfaction activity I have created over the past couple of years. Needless to say, this blog will be very active as well.

Over 1,000 Views

Win7Guru’s Wakoopa

2 Followers, 12 Posts, 2280 Views

Well, besides all the views and the 10+ posts, this blog was mainly a place for me to highlight som of the programs I had (at one point, I had over 300 at one time). Then, as all good things must come to an end, my computer got to be very slow from all of the programs and then Wakoopa shut down their tracking service and social site, so I am left with a bunch of raw data to sort through. As for the topic of keeping or trashing this blog, I think I will just sort through that data and eventually write reviews of my favorite programs.

The Best Google Chrome Extensions

2 Followers, 3 Posts, 1342 Views

As I mentioned in the previous blurb, I had some troubles with my computer slowing down from all of the programs, one of which was Google Chrome. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great browser, but for the things I used it for, it messed up my computer. I was a super user and would install the beta/canary/experimental versions. I have a list of all the extensions I have ever used and I plan on reviewing each and every one of them at some point when I have time. This site will be active until that task is done (which hopefully is never) :)

win7guru’s posterous

7 Followers, 14 Posts, 1271 Views

Two words, brand recognition. Okay, so I don’t have brand rights to the name win7guru, but I need to get my name out there and it seems as though the win7guru posterous site was somewhat successful. I will obviously change the name and if any of the posts have the word posterous, I will strikethrough that text and replace it with WordPress. I will probably have this on a sub page, but I will decide that going forward.

Over 100 Views

Flairbuilder Mockups by Jon

1 Follower, 3 Posts, 491 Views

I love this program, and when this blog was made, I was helping the creator of Flairbuilder come up with some ideas for his program. At that time, however, I had more time and wasn’t responsible for as many things as I am responsible for now. That being said, his program was also in the process of becoming the masterpiece it is today, so it became hard to juggle Balsamiq and Flairbuilder, as well as other projects I was working on. I plan to move forward and create some masterpieces of my own using this wonderful product and have it be priority right up there with Balsamiq Mockups.

Program Database

1 Follower, 30 Posts, 374 Views

As I stated earlier with the programs accumulating at a great pace, I have decided to create a spreadsheet for all the programs I used, consisting of the most important data needed.

  1. Program Name
  2. Company
  3. Maintained (Is the program still maintained or is it possibly unstable)
  4. Hash (MD5, SHA1, etc)
  5. Program Version
  6. Size
  7. Issues if any

I plan to make this a simple task of analyzing the programs with HashMyFiles from nirsoft and just export them to the site, then after that, just delete the ones I don’t use.

World of Jquery

1 Follower, 0 Posts, 303 Views

Napkee, how I miss you so. Enrico, we had a good thing going with the interactive mockups, but then you (as did I) got more responsibility and I feel that this whole Jquery thing went up in smoke. I was curious to learn it at one time, but now I just will stick to static mockups, and the occasional markup magic that I have created in Balsamiq. I will never forget learning Jquery, and I hope that we can discuss other ways to make the mockups interactive in the future.

Themes I am working on

1 Follower, 3 Posts, 247 Views

This thing was just me trying to mess around with themes, without knowing a lick of html, css, or any other styling language. I will probably use some of this information for my own purposes, but I will be cutting it out of my long list of blogs.

Minnesota State University, Mankato Resources

1 Follower, 2 Posts, 238 Views

Seeing as I am no longer a student at Minnesota State, Mankato, and I probably don’t want to get into any hot water over posting links to resources I no longer have access to (although it is private anyway), I will have to be cutting this out of my long list of blogs.

These next few I will get to at a later time, but for now I leave you with my current plans for the blogs mentioned above.


appsreviewedbyjon’s posterous

1 Follower, 5 Posts, 220 Views

Jitbit Macros

1 Follower, 2 Posts, 156 Views

Troubleshooting Firefox

1 Follower, 1 Post, 135 Views

Google Suggestions

1 Follower, 3 Posts, 104 Views

WineHQ for Ubuntu

1 Follower, 1 Post, 101 Views


Until next time, happy designing

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Suggestions for Microsoft Office Outlook 2010

I will make it simple, but there are two suggestions that I have.

First- There should be an option to allow users to see the amount of total mail in a folder (example: Inbox (200) and then directly next to that when the user hovers over the 200, it will show them how many are new (example: **new** (2)

Second- There should be a shortcut to defer updates, such as in Access there is a checkbox.  I feel it is important to have this option/shortcut because those of us who have massive amounts of email and risk the program (not responding) need to defer the auto suggest.  Example


Say I want to do a search for themes, now I know themes only appears in 3 emails (for the sake of this argument assume this is true)  When I start to type t h e, the auto suggest feature automatically starts searching for all mail that contains the letters T H E.  I have had this happen a lot, especially when I am searching for a specific item and don’t remember the exact phrase.


My suggestion is to allow users the option of either 

A.  Deferring the updates (halt the auto suggest)
B.  Make it an option, as in a checkbox when you search.


I hope this gets to Microsoft because Office 2010 is already herecoming soon.



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First Macro Posted

I have finally found the time to post a macro that was made with the Jitbit Macro Recorder program.

The following macro is meant to aide in the login behavior in Getsatisfaction, which were nice enough to inform me of this via this post


Here are the decoded images if you would rather use the IF FILE EXISTS option.

I decoded them with a program called b64dec, which is a lightweight program that decodes the images from the encoded data.

Note: You will get an error if you have the IF IMAGE EXISTS: or FIND IMAGE: in the decode screen, so this must be removed prior to pressing Decode.

This will be updated once I can figure out a stable way to store these macros.




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